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    Don’t Forget That Sports Physical

    A sports physical also known as pre-participation physical is an exam usually performed yearly to participate in school related sports. This is required by most states and is to be completed prior to beginning a new season of competition. The purpose of this exam is to determine if you are healthy and will be safe for you to participate in sports. It also reviews immunizations and offers an opportunity to discuss any concerns. It will not replace an annual wellness exam. Recommendations may be made such as stretches or strengthening techniques to prevent injuries.

    What Documents Do I Bring With Me?

    You will need to bring the appropriate completed forms furnished to you by your school that includes pertinent information that your provider will review at your physical. It is also recommended that you furnish your complete health record with a list of current meds including supplements. Also important is prior hospitalization, injuries, allergies and your family history. In the event of any heart condition, documentation from a cardiologist will be necessary.
    Importance of Getting a Sports Physical

    When to Get Your Sports Physical

    The physical will document an eye exam, your blood pressure, heart rate, height and weight as well as checking your lungs, heart, abdomen, skin, joints, strength, flexibility and spine exam. Males will also have a genital exam.

    It is advised to have your physical 2-3 weeks before the season begins so as to give time to follow up on any issues that might need further evaluation. There may be a follow up exam required by a specialist if a problem is discovered.

    Most participants complete the sports physical without issue. Remember this is to assure your safety, enjoyment and success in your season.

    Contact Trophy Club Family Medicine

    If there’s any other questions we can answer, or if you need any more information regarding getting your upcoming sports physical, contact Trophy Club Family Medicine by simply calling our office in Trophy Club, TX, at 817-430-9111.  We have several family medical physicians on staff who would be able to assist.  We look forward to seeing you!

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